Your spa journey is a time for you to escape the world, relax and revitalise all your five senses and beyond. So when it's time to rediscover and replenish your sources we have the perfect treatment for you or someone special.

45 Minutes $85.00
60 Minutes $99.00
90 Minutes $130.00

Georgina & Co Signature Massage (relaxation massage)

This massage starts of with an exfoliation of the whole body then moving onto long slow strokes and movement with your chosen aromatherapy scent. A second beauty therapist will quietly arrive through this massage to take a special care of your feet and hands and slip away as you fall into total sleeping bliss while your first beauty therapist finishes of with a head massage.It will help quiet your mind and bring harmony to your body, mind and soul leaving you totally relaxed to start another day. 

Recovery Massage (deep tissue massage)

Ease built up tension / stress from your muscles and feel revitalised with this deep tissue massage. Designed for those of us that hold stress in the back, neck and shoulder area.

Oriental Stone Ceremony (relaxation massage)

Sothys signature treatment massage. A unique rejuvenating ritual of Oriental inspiration using aromatic cinnamon & ginger stone bags: First, a spicy scrub to prepare the skin, then a rhythmic massage of the entire body with nourishing aromatic bags and warmed stones.

Pre Steam Vichy Shower (relaxation)

Intensify the relaxation and benefits of any massage by lying in our beautiful cocoon and have steam cleanse your pores, relax your muscles and stimulate blood circulation. 

We also do:

Pregnancy Massage
Couples Massage
Deep Tissue Men's Massage


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